BAU Global’s Newest Member: Cyprus Bahçeşehir University

Adem Karahoca

Dear students.

I welcome you on behalf of Cyprus Bahçeşehir University family for beginning your education in a university with vision and facilities focusing on modern technology, and therefore making the right decision. By registering to Cyprus Bahçeşehir University, you not only have the privilege of benefiting from the opportunities in Cyprus; but from Bahçeşehir University’s other opportunities as well. At our universities becoming stronger and enlarging its spectrum with BAU Global International Universities of İstanbul, Washington D.C., Berlin and Batum, you can plan your education according to our areas of expertise, and determine your professional career. Our academic and administrative personnel will always be with you during your education, guiding you.

With BAU Global family, our university having a reputable brand and institutional tradition among Higher Education Institutions will not only develop your academic skills, but also you will learn how to practice your profession by applying what you learn at enterprises located in Turkey and around the world.

With a student centered education philosophy, we will bring you together with the best academicians. We will provide the means for you to learn by researching and discovering information through modern education technologies. The diversity of education opportunities will enable you to allocate time to social, artistic and sportive activities as well. In addition to scientific studies, we will support you to organize student groups by club activities.

On the moment you enter higher education, we will help you to explore the next step, meaning post graduate and doctorate opportunities, and plan your future in line with this. At Cyprus Bahçeşehir University, a valuable member of BAU Global, we will be with you on your path to graduation and academic future. We welcome our new students and members of our university. We wish you, happiness and success.

Prof. Dr. Adem KARAHOCA
Rector, Cyprus Bahçeşehir University

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