Dream To Reality: Bahçeşehir University

Hüseyin Yücel

The journey is set on with a dream when Bahçeşehir University was established, Today, we are proud that this dream has come true with our four universities and academic centers located in three different continents.

Carrying our mission of becoming a global university to Cyprus by establishing our Cyprus Bahçeşehir University and incorporating it in our BUA Global network and contributing the process to make our lovely Cyprus a regional and global education center is our greatest pleasure today.

Nowadays the world, especially the geography where we are living are trying to cope major issues having effects on a global scale. We are not without hope and we are not powerless against all these problems. The means lie in education with the new generation we are raising. However, the education approach in general and higher education model adopted in the last century are not sustainable in today’s world constantly interacting with science and technology. Therefore, both individuals, countries and institutions need to keep up with this changing structure.

Beyond any doubt, developing new education models suitable for this new environment and requirements, and providing these models to community’s use is under our, the universities, responsibility. In order to achieve this, firstly we need to understand the world and integrate to it. We cannot and shall not continue our educational activities in today’s world by turning upon ourselves and stay local. Now, higher education moves beyond the lessons given in campuses and lecture halls.

We assert that Cyprus Bahçeşehir University established with this approach “will become a global university in a short time”. We will not deviate from our objective of “Cyprus Bahçeşehir University’s campus is the whole world”, and we will work in line with this objective starting from our establishment.. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to our Cyprus by raising well-educated youths having the vision of a global citizen and equipped accordingly, who will be beneficial for Turkey, the region and all humanity.

Best regards.

Hüseyin YÜCEL
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

BAU Global Programs