Enver Yücel

The ones who do not dream can never own. If you do not dream, you cannot actualize anything. Everything starts from a dream and life continues with new dreams.

We also set of on our journey with a dream when we established Bahçeşehir University. We continue to dream and always aim for the best. Our ultimate objective in all of these endeavors is to raise a young generation who are at peace with themselves and the world, who can provide added value to humanity as a whole and the community in which they live, and who are well educated and well equipped. We continue to strive for relentlessly to realize this objective, and we are glad to see the actualization of this dream with our four universities and academic centers located in three different continents.

BAU Global is opening its fifth university Cyprus. BAU Global having an extensive network with centers located around the world will continue to grow.

With the establishment of our Cyprus Bahçeşehir University, the youngest member of BAU Global network, I would like to express how glad I am for opening an education institution in Cyprus, on these lovely lands. I believe that this institution will both provide high quality education for the region and the world, and strengthen the ties of peace, fraternity and solidarity. Putting our expertise and accumulation regarding education gained in Turkey and around the world into service for the World again, and carrying them to Cyprus is an opportunity that gives great happiness to me.

I wish for this institution to be very beneficial for Cyprus, the region and all our youth…

Founder and Chairman of BAU Global

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