Faculty of Engineering and Architecture


  • Civil Engineering
  • Architecture

In the Cyprus Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, it is aimed to educate leader, innovator and entrepreneur engineers and architects, who have professional liability and self-confidence, prioritize people and society, consider the balance of human, nature and urban environment while meeting the needs of this age, and deliver creative and scientific solutions for the problems of the world we live in by showing regard to universal values.

Living spaces and forms of people continuously make progress and undergo changes in our growing world, with the effects of evolving technology. Cyprus Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture aims to train individuals who take all these changes and developments into consideration, are intellectually equipped and have a command of computer and information technologies in the design process.

Our Faculty aims to provide a distinctive and superior education through its programs that will provide its students, who concentrate on scientific research and development, with the skills of problem solving, original thinking and creativeness, therefore make them “prefered graduates”.

Within the BAU Global Network, where Cyprus Bahçeşehir University is also a member, student and faculty exchange programs and joint scientific studies are conducted in accordance with contemporary educational philosophy.

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