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Law is based on regulation of human relations. It plays an important role in eliminating inequalities that may arise between individuals due to various reasons. If you decide to work in the field of law, it also means that you should start a detailed education process for making meticulous assessments and administering justice. Cyprus Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law significantly contributes to this process with its academic staff, each of whom is an expert in his/her own field. Its criteria is to become an outstanding educational institution not only in Turkey but also throughout the world, regarding both Turkish law and international/comparative law systems.

The training program of our Faculty covers mandatory core curriculum of law faculty programs. Legal English is also included in the program as a must of our era.

Cyprus Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law has structured its lesson plan to cover international law on a larger scale.  Our ultimate purpose is to train our students as competent individuals in international and comparative law systems. With the contribution of Cyprus Bahçeşehir University’s global network and vision, our students will have an international perspective.

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